Camp Happy Sands was founded in 1967 and a was the "dream project" of two remarkable ladies, Corinne Jones & Ila Roose

In My Memory
Happy Sands- A Brief History

"In My Memory" is a personal account by Ms. Ila from the very beginnings of Camp Happy Sands until the mid seventy's.
"Happy Sands- A Brief History" is an summery of Ms. Ila's work and a continuation of the Camp's history through Hurricane Ivan by her son and daughter-in-law, Camp Happy Sands Executive Director and Board Ad Hoc Member-Charlie and Brenda Roose.

Mrs. Ila Florine Hawley Roose

Mrs. Roose was the director of Camp Happy Sands for over 20 years. Though she died in 2010, Mrs. Roose will always be remembered and treasured.

Mrs. Corinne Jones

Mrs. Jones retired from the camp in 1984 and died in 1994. She dedicated her life to the children of the Pensacola Community.

Today, the legacy of these two great women is stilled carried on today...